About AFR

Awesome Fishing Radio is the premier online fishing radio show in Florida. Each show features Captain Keiland Smith and valuable information on how and where to catch fish.  Whether it is high sport on the fly rod, or simply live bait fishing under a bobber, Captain Keiland has two passions: catching fish, and teaching others to catch fish.  Join us each week to hear from some of the best guides with informative talk about fishing; or lure and gear manufactures to make fishing simpler and more successful, but sometimes it’s all about boats and trailers, the gear that makes it all happen. Awesome Fishing Internet Radio has one goal in mind: to make you, the listener, a better angler.  Tune in online 24 hours a day, or take Captain Keiland with you on your iPod. 

History: Captain Keiland Smith started Awesome Fishing Radio as a five minute show about fishing for a small AM talk radio station in Central Florida.  After positive response, the show was quickly expanded to 15 and then 30 minutes.  Now, after three hundred shows, and a worldwide audience on the web, it is easy to understand why Captain Keiland Smith says the next best thing to Fishing is Talking about Fishing.


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