Bass Fly Fishing Part 2

Bass Fly Fishing Part 2

Bass with Fly

Secomd of a two part series of Bass Fly Fishing.

Bass Fishing Part 1

Bass with Fly


Bass Fly Fishing Part 1

This is part 1 of 2 shows.  Captain Keiland and Allen Wyatt talk about the pleasures aof catching Bass and Bluegill on the fly.  How many of us drive by great lakes and ponds onthe way to fish.  In Central Florida, there are literally hundreds.  And it is a great way to get your kids fishing too.

Link to Rod Breakage Video

Rigging your boat for Tarpon Fishing Pt1

Rigging your Boat for Tarpon fishing.  Catching and fisghting the Silver King takes more than just muscle.  Equiping your gear and boat the right way makes all of the difference when the fish runns all of your line off, or you have found the perfect spot.  Solutions are simple if you know them.  Captain Keiland shares his years of experience on the subject.

Info on Wang Anchor

Tarpon Time Pt2



Part two of our Tarpon Fishing series.

  • Fly Fishing for Tarpon
  • Tactics
  • Keiland’s Favorite Flies

Next Show rigging yourboat for Tarpon fishing.

Nearshore and More with Captain Rick Grassett

Captain Rick Grasset Nearshore and More


Photo Courtesy of Captain Rick Grassett


Photo Courtesy of Captain Rick Grassett

In an empty ocean.  Birds Mark the Spot

Photo Courtesy of Captain Rick Grassett




Little-Tuny-Too Courtesy of Captain Rick Grassett


One of our most informative shows with Captain Rick Grassett from Sarasota, Florida.   He fishes nearshore and inshore in the late fall and catches several  species that are great fun and tackle busters.  Allen and Rick discuss the fun of catching ‘trash’ fish; and about Rick’s recent tournament which helped raise funds for Mangrove Coast Fly Fishers and CCA.

Most important are Captain Rick’s methods of using and rigging DOA jigs and plastics as well as the Rapala Skitterwalk.  And also, the secret fly-Grasset’s Snook Minnow:

Grassetts Snook Minnow

Grassetts Snook Minnow

Captain Keiland raps up the show with new gear reviews from Rail Riders and Rhodan trolling motors.

Captain Rick Grasset has two websites:

Captain Rick Grassett is an active member of:

Winter Grouper Fishing Inshore with Capt Blake Smith

Winter Grouper Fishing with Capt Blake Smith

Did you know that you don’t have to go offshore to catch Florida’s famous Grouper.  Even a small flat bottom boat will do the job in the winter.  This show is load with info on inshore grouper fishing during the winter months.  Captain Blake Smith has been catching and eating a lot of Grouper for the last few weeks.  He uses a couple of techniques including live Pinfish and Grunts, and also trolling Rapala plugs.  Rigging your gear for big fish is important because occasionally you’ll catch a true Goliath!

Capt Blake with a future Grouper Sandwich

Another Super Grouper

Capt Blake Smith and perfect Gag Grouper

Gag Grouper


Sight Fishing Big Redfish in Moquito Lagoon with Mike Rathjen

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish 2

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish 2

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish 3

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish 3

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish 4

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish 4

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish 5

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish 5Mosquito Lagoon Redfish 5

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish 6

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish 6

Sight Fishing Big Reds on Mosquito Lagoon with Mike Rathgen

Our friend, Mike Rathjen has been catching some monster Redfish in Mosquito Lagoon this fall.   It  has been so good, that they filmed a TV show!  Recently Mike picked up a fly rod with great succes.  He suggests several flies that have been working well.  And he shares some of the places on Mosquito Lagoon that are producing monster redfish.  The guys have a great time joking around in this show. 

Mike is the Florida East Coast Rep for Beavertail Skiffs

Sebastian Snook with Rodney Van Horn

Fishing for Big Snook at Sebastian Inlet

Fishing the Jetty at Sebastian Inlet

This show on snook fishing could be called the “Inlet Show.”   We spend quality time talking to Rodney Van Horn about his snook fishing around Sebastian Inlet, and also Canaveral and Fort Pierce.   Rodney uses specialized techniques when rigging, and he likes to make his own jigs.   The tackle is heavy duty, but so are the fish!

Tides, when and where to fish are key to Rodney Van Horn’s success with big snook, and he shares many of his techniques with us.

Sebastian Snook Fishing with Rodney Van Horn

Tournament Redfishing with Capt. Blake Smith

Match the Greenbacks with a Twichin Rap

Match the Greenbacks with a Twichin Rap

Join Capt Blake for some summertime action on the water of Tampa Bay, Chasing Redfish for a tournament with Captain Granger Haranamis.  Tips for working your artificials and “matching the hatch.”  Because of the warm summer water, some of the tips are particularly helpful.  

Tournament Redfishing with Capt Blake Smith

Best places to hunt for reds when the water is warm.
Hummingbird and Navionics App
Fishing the Mangroves.
Falling Tides.
Working the Skitter Walk.

Snook Beach Fishing with Capt Tom Van Horn

Snook Beach Fishing with Capt Tom Van Horn

Installment Two of Awesome Fishing Radio’s series on Snook fishing.

If you like snook fishing, Captain Tom Van Horn shares insight into catching snook on the Beach.  Tom is owner of the Orlando Edition of Coastal Angler Magazine, and professional guide in the Indian River Lagoon and nearshore around Canaveral Inlet and Sebastian Inlet.  Long time friend of Awesome Fishing Radio. This show covers a lot of material and is one of our best!  Here’s what is inside this edition of Awesome Fishing Radio


Capt Tom Van Horn

Capt Tom Van Horn with Indian River Lagoon Trout

For more information about Capt. Tom Van Horn’s guide service use this link:

And he can be reached through our friends at Coastal Angler Magazine.

Snook Fishing with Capt Rick Grassett

Snook Fishing with Capt Rick Grassett

Captain Rick Grasset joins the Awesome Fishing Radio Crew to talk about Snook Fishing. Capt. Grassett fishes from Tampa Bay North to Charlotte Harbor South with most of his fishing done in the Sarasota area.  He is an Orvis Endorsed guide and works with CB Outfitters.  While we know him as a fly fishing guide he is equally good with light tackle.  This show features insight into night time snook fishing and what flies and to use, and salt water light tackle fishing.  We spend some time on redfish and gator trout and how they can be a pleasant bonus when mixed into our snook fishing.

Snook Fin Addict Catches Tarpon

Captain Rick Grassett can be contacted at (941) 923-7799

He has two informative websites which are linked below!

Jamaica Fishing with Capt Blake Smith

We are talking to  Captain Keiland’s son, Blake Smith-New Captain and Newly Wed.  Jamaica honeymoon is also a fishing trip.  Blake, you found the perfect bride!  Blake shares the adventure and gives advice for anglers wanting to fish in Jamaica. 

Jamaica Fishing with Capt Blake Smith

Captain Blake Smith wiht Monster Snook

Captain Blake Smith witt Monster Snook

Sight Fishing Gear for Shallow Water

Sight Fishing Gear for Shallow Water

Captain Keiland Smith tells Co-Host Allen Wyatt about his favorite gear for shallow water fishing. 

  • The main tool for saving the grass on the flats - CMC Jack Plates. 
  • Polarized sunglasses work well, but there are a few tricks of the trade to seeing fish. Costa 
  • Great soft bait combinations from Gulp and Docs Jigs
  • Critical terminal knot for more action.
  • Captain Keiland’s best knot for tying Suffix braid to mono or flurocarbon.
  • Crazy good shrimp fly
  • Pole Vs. Troll - maybe neither!
  • Abadabadoo and Buff Headgear

Sight Fishing Minnesota with Captain Kenny Olsen

Captain Kenny Olsen on Minnesota Sight fishing

Awesome Fishing Radio interviews a new friend, Captain Kenny Olsen, about sight fishing in Minnesota. It is obvious that Captain Olsen is passionate about all anglers in the boat seeing what is happening under the surface and shares his insights. Muskie and Smallmouth Bass are favorite topics in the segment.

To contact Captain Kenny Olsen for more information on his guide service and Minnesota fishing, his phone number is (612) 759-3131 and his website is

Captain Kenny Olsen is President of the Angler Young Anglers organinzation. The main objective of the AYA is to introduce and educate young anglers to competitive sport fishing in a fun environment surrounded by family and friends. For more information see the link below.

Pat Kelly President of Florida Guides Assoc on Gulf Oil Spill

Pat Kelly, President of Florida Guides Association, shares his insight in to the Gulf Oil spill. It effects the Fishing Guide industry in ways that are obvious and not. At this time, with only Pensacola showing tar balls, the industry is still suffering badly.

For more information see the Florida Guides Association website with detailed info not normally seen on TV.

Florida Guides Association

Florida Guides Association

Pat Kelly has been a long time friend of Awesome Fishing Radio and we thank his for his service to the guide industry of Florida, and the active role that he takes in the conservation of the state of Florida.

Fla Guides Assoc Pat Kelly and Gulf Oil Spill

Sight Fishing California with Captain Mike Gardner

Second installment of our Sight Fishing Series.  We call our new friend,  Captain Mike Gardner, and learn about the fishing in the Newport Harbor and Long Beach Harbor for Spotted Bay Bass, Halibut, and more.  We wanted to know some of the tricks to Light tackle fishing as Mike regularly has 100 fish days.  He finds spoting the bottom structure crucial.  Learn his preferences and ways that he makes these phenominal catches a reality.  To see Captain Mike Gardners website click this link.

Sight Fishing with Captain Mike Gardner

Sight Fishing 101 with Captain Keiland Smith

Tailing Redfish

The Ultimate Sight Fishing Target!

Sight Fishing 101

This is the first in a series about  sight fishing.  Captain Keiland Smith and Allen Wyatt share insights into sight fishing on the the Florida Flats.  Of course, Captain Keiland shares a fishing story, and reviews the new Beavertail Skiff that he has been fishing.  Thumbs up to the new Vengeance.

Sight Fishing 101

Rod Building with Scott Gimbert of Mud Hole

Scott Gimbert joins Awesome Fishing Radio to talk about the new opportunities at Mud Hole-World’s Largest Rod Building Supplier.  G.Loomis quit offering their popular rod “blanks” to rod builders as of Jan 1 2010, so what does Mud Hole do?  Listen to this show and find our their innovative solution.  Also, Mud Hole takes their Rod Building Schools on the road to a city near you.  Scott Gimbert describes this innovative approach to Mud Hole schools.  Link to Mud Hole.

Mud Hole Scott Gimbert on AFR

Capt Keith Kalbfleisch on Bass Pro Show, Cobia, and Fly Fishing

Captain Keiland and Captain Keith talk about the Spring Bass Pro Show and the events that occur annually.  Captain Keith can not help but talk about Cobia fishing.  The passion is obvious, as he shares many of his insights.  Captain Keith tells us about a new fly that he uses in Mosquito Lagoon.  And both Captains discuss how to make a Fly Fishing trip more successful with casting techniques and mistakes to avoid.   Link to  Captain Keith

Capt Keith Kalbfleisch on Bass Pro Show, Cobia, and Fly Fishing

Mark Fisher of Beavertail Skiffs at Tampa Tribune Outdoor Expo P2

Awesome Fishing Radio with Beaver Tail

Mike Rathjen, Steve Rathjen, Captain Keiland Smith, and Mark Fisher

Part two of Captain Keiland’s interviews at the Tampa Tribune Outdoor Expo hosted by Frank Sargeant.  Mark Fisher introduces theVengeance by Beavertail Skiffs.  It sounds fantastic for the shallow water salt water angler, as Mark describes the innovative construction and design of the boat.    Catch the excitement of thw Vengeance and the boys at Beavetail Skiffs..  Link to Beavertail Skiffs 

Tampa Tribune Outdoor Expo Mark Fisher Beavertail P2

Winter Mosquito Lagoon with Mike Rathjen Pt2

Part 2 of the show with Mike Rathjen.  Equipment to keep live bait alive and your boat quiet.  Mike shares his method for fishing live bait in weedy areas.  Captain Keiland Smith talks about fishing.

Winter Mosquito Lagoon with Mike Rathjen P2

Winter Mosquito Lagoon with Mike Rathjen Pt1

Mike Rathjen Gator Trout

Wow, that is a big Trout!

Glad to be back on the air! Captain Keiland Smith and Allen Wyatt talk fishing with Mike Rathjen about Winter Fishing on the Mosquito Lagoon.  Great tips on catching huge Gator  Trout .

Winter Mosquito Lagoon with Mike Rathjen P1


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