Monic Clear Fly Lines and Technology

This show is in two parts.

Download Monic Fly Line 2012 Pt1

Download Monic Fly Line 2012 Pt2

Monic Fly Line

Monic Fly Line

Captain Keiland Smith Talks to his favorite fly line manufacturer, Monic.   They produce a floating clear fly line which is ideal for night time snook fishing.  There are also clear intermediat lines, and customized tapers for fresh water and salt water fishing.  Unique technologies to make fly fishing more productive, and more fun.

See Monic Fly Line Techologies

Bass Fly Fishing Part 2

Bass Fly Fishing Part 2

Bass with Fly

Secomd of a two part series of Bass Fly Fishing.

Bass Fishing Part 1

Bass with Fly


Bass Fly Fishing Part 1

This is part 1 of 2 shows.  Captain Keiland and Allen Wyatt talk about the pleasures aof catching Bass and Bluegill on the fly.  How many of us drive by great lakes and ponds onthe way to fish.  In Central Florida, there are literally hundreds.  And it is a great way to get your kids fishing too.

Link to Rod Breakage Video

Tarpon Time Pt2



Part two of our Tarpon Fishing series.

  • Fly Fishing for Tarpon
  • Tactics
  • Keiland’s Favorite Flies

Next Show rigging yourboat for Tarpon fishing.

Nearshore and More with Captain Rick Grassett

Captain Rick Grasset Nearshore and More


Photo Courtesy of Captain Rick Grassett


Photo Courtesy of Captain Rick Grassett

In an empty ocean.  Birds Mark the Spot

Photo Courtesy of Captain Rick Grassett




Little-Tuny-Too Courtesy of Captain Rick Grassett


One of our most informative shows with Captain Rick Grassett from Sarasota, Florida.   He fishes nearshore and inshore in the late fall and catches several  species that are great fun and tackle busters.  Allen and Rick discuss the fun of catching ‘trash’ fish; and about Rick’s recent tournament which helped raise funds for Mangrove Coast Fly Fishers and CCA.

Most important are Captain Rick’s methods of using and rigging DOA jigs and plastics as well as the Rapala Skitterwalk.  And also, the secret fly-Grasset’s Snook Minnow:

Grassetts Snook Minnow

Grassetts Snook Minnow

Captain Keiland raps up the show with new gear reviews from Rail Riders and Rhodan trolling motors.

Captain Rick Grasset has two websites:

Captain Rick Grassett is an active member of:

Snook Fishing with Capt Rick Grassett

Snook Fishing with Capt Rick Grassett

Captain Rick Grasset joins the Awesome Fishing Radio Crew to talk about Snook Fishing. Capt. Grassett fishes from Tampa Bay North to Charlotte Harbor South with most of his fishing done in the Sarasota area.  He is an Orvis Endorsed guide and works with CB Outfitters.  While we know him as a fly fishing guide he is equally good with light tackle.  This show features insight into night time snook fishing and what flies and to use, and salt water light tackle fishing.  We spend some time on redfish and gator trout and how they can be a pleasant bonus when mixed into our snook fishing.

Snook Fin Addict Catches Tarpon

Captain Rick Grassett can be contacted at (941) 923-7799

He has two informative websites which are linked below!

Key West to Sarasota with Captain Gabriel Lippert

Key West to Sarasota with Captain Gabe Lippert

Snook with Captain Blake and Captain Gabe

Snook with Captain Blake and Captain Gabe

Awesome Fishing Radio talks about fishing with Captain Gabe in two locations.  We start the show in Key West and finish on the water for Tarpon in Sarasota.  Captain Gabriel Lippert is close friends with new Captain, Blake Smith ( Keiland’s son.)   For more information about Captain Gabriel Lippert (we know him as Captain Gabe)f or fishing in Key West, Sarasota, or Engelwood Florida, use the link below:



Terminal Non-Slip Loop Knot

Tie an overhand knot in the standing part of the line
Go through the hook eye
Pull back through the overhand knot-go in the same way you came out-ie if the tag came out on top, go in on top.
Wrap the tag around the tag around the standing line two to 5 times-bigger line fewer wraps.
Back Through the overhand knot, again the same way as before.
Tighten by pulling tag and standing line, hook will be dangling in the loop!

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Capt Keith Kalbfleisch on Bass Pro Show, Cobia, and Fly Fishing

Captain Keiland and Captain Keith talk about the Spring Bass Pro Show and the events that occur annually.  Captain Keith can not help but talk about Cobia fishing.  The passion is obvious, as he shares many of his insights.  Captain Keith tells us about a new fly that he uses in Mosquito Lagoon.  And both Captains discuss how to make a Fly Fishing trip more successful with casting techniques and mistakes to avoid.   Link to  Captain Keith

Capt Keith Kalbfleisch on Bass Pro Show, Cobia, and Fly Fishing


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