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Capt. Keiland Writes

Let’s Talk Chilly

This article was originally published by our friends at Coastal Angler Magazine.

Around this time of year we’re forced to pick and choose our days of fishing The one good thing about fishing and the timing to catch fish is that there are two definite times to catch them. This particular time is before and after the fronts. With unpredictable cold weather you can still guarantee there will be trout and redfish around on the flats. This time of year can actually be the best time to fish for certain species.

It still amazes me that when I make it out there on the flats this time of year despite the bitter cold, it occurs to me that the fish don’t even miss a beat. With their tails just a waving even at us. It’s easy to find them the only hard part is figuring out what they’re going to bite. Like saying here we are, now figure out the right bait that we are going to chew is. It could be anything from Live Shrimp, Cut Mullet, Live Mullet, Plugs, or maybe even a jerk bait.

This weather reminds me of a day on the water with a friend of mine named Mike Rathjen. It was a day much like the ones we’ve been having. It was sunny that day, but freezing from what I remember. That particular day Mike a local boat rep from Daytona Florida made a memory worth reliving time and time again.

Staged up, by a log on the lagoon, sunning his self trying to get warm was the largest trout I’ve ever had the chance to see in my life time. Mike used some Suffix 10 lb. braid to get a longer cast, trying to get to him without startling him. First Mike thought Live Shrimp, because how could he refuse a Shrimp dinner, however to his surprise, he did just that. Well next was old faithful cut Mullet and still, he turned up that nose again. So as a last hoorah, Mike fired a Gulp, Nuclear Chicken dropping it on the bank to prevent a splash .This is a move that has worked well with many other fish .We use this technique so often when fishing Snook on the beach .No sooner as the bait touched the water and a few twitches later the Heavens open up and God decided to shine down on Mike at that very moment.

Big Fish!

Nice Fish Mike, Cold water Florida fishing at it's Best!

The picture is a picture of Mike Rathjen and his 10lb. Trout.
    Thank You,Captain Keiland


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