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Tarpon Time Pt1

Tarpon on Awesome Fishing Radio
Fight of a life time

It is Tarpon time!  Captain Keiland Smith and Allen Wyatt discuss their favorite sport fish to pursue.  Tarpon fishing holds a special place in the inshore anglers heart because of:

  • The size of the fish-Up to to 200lbs!
  • The beauty of the fight-Nothing clears the surface like a pissed off Tarpon!
  • The beauty of the Silver King-Shiny with the huge silver scales, and that monsterous eye.
  • The challenge  that this fishing represents-specialized gear whether Fly Tackle or Convetional, and outfitting the boat too!

This is the first of a multipart series.  And it has been a while!  We had to replace some old and worn out equipment, but Awesome Fishing Radio is back on the air, WWW, MP3 player, iTunes, or wherever you listen!  And thanks for listening!


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